Residential Rates

Listed below are rates that affect most Kay Electric residential members, effective May 1, 2015


$25.00 Minimum Bill

A gross receipt tax of 2% is also added to the minimum bill. A $20.00 Customer Charge, which adds up to 50 cents a day, of dependable, affordable and safe electric service to your home.

Summer Rates

Energy Charge - $0.109 per kWh
Billing Period from May 1 to November 1                                                                  

Winter Rates

Energy Charge

1st 1,000 kWh - $.109 per kWh
Over 1,000 kWh - $.099 per kWh
Billing Period from November 1 to May 1

*Kay Electric buys generated electricity from Western Farmers Electric Cooperative. The Energy Charge may fluctuate from time-to-time as WFEC's power costs go up or down.

Minimum Charges

The greater of $25.00 per month plus $1.00 per KVA or fraction thereof where transformer capacity in excess of 15 KVA is required, or contract minimum.

* Kaw City residents add a 5% franchise fee to the above residential rates. This 5% goes to the
City of Kaw City.