Security Lighting

Security Lighting

Rental Program

  • 60-watt LED light installed on an existing meter pole and connected to an existing service
    line for $7.50/month. This includes the electricity the light uses, as well as any maintenance needed
    on the light.
  • The above light installed on an existing pole other than your meter pole, solely for use of the light, cost $10.50 a month.
  • The rates under 1 & 2 above shall be increased $3.00 for each additional pole set for the installation of the light or for each span of secondary wire needed.

Owner Program
A member can buy either an HPS light or LED at a  very competitive price, including installation.

If a member owns a MVL KEC will not repair this light but, the member can purchase a HPS or LED light to go in it's place.
This light belongs to the customer, in which they are responsible for the maintenance and electricity the light uses.


Schedule B Commercial and Industrial Lighting and Power

Available for commercial, industrial and three-phase farm service up to 30 Kilowatt (KW) demand, for all uses including lighting, heating and power, subject to the established rules and regulations of the Cooperative.

Type of Service:
Single and/or three-phase, 60 hertz, at standard voltages.

Monthly Rate:
Customer Charge: at $35.00
Energy Charge: at $.0950 per kWh