Stay Safe During an Outage and Around Power Lines

To report a power outage, please call 1-800-535-1079


We have experienced a variety of severe weather conditions over the years that affected power delivery across our entire service territory.
These major weather events can result in extended power outages. When outages do occur, we respond immediately and work as
quickly as possible to restore your service.    Current Outages

Please remember that not all outages can be repaired by KECs' line crews. If an outage problem involves the transmission lines - owned by other utilities - that bring power to our distribution substations, the other utility companies must repair their equipment before power is again available to KECs' system. 

No power? Check ALL your circuit breakers or fuses FIRST!

If you lose power, please check to see if the power loss is due to a problem within your home or business by checking for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.

In event of a loss of electric power in the home: 1) check the circuit breakers or fuses in your electric panel box(es) inside your home; 2) check with the neighbors to see if they have power; 3) call KEC at - (800) 535-1079.

In Home Critical Life-Support Equipment: Notify us if you depend on critical life-support medical equipment.

Because no electric company can guarantee uninterrupted electric service, we strongly recommend that you have a back-up power source and an emergency plan for extended outages.

Your call is very important, as it provides needed information to help us quickly dispatch crews and restore power as quickly as possible.

We at Kay Electric understand the importance of keeping your power on. We ask that you call any time your power is out and do not assume that others have reported the outage. Once you make your outage report, please do not report the outage again unless an emergency arises. Crews will be dispatched as soon as possible.

Check to see current weather conditions.