New energy-efficient water heaters take less energy and time to heat water so there is less waiting time between showers and laundry loads. Installing a new energy-efficient water heater can help you save energy and money. Now get up to a $300 rebate on qualifying products.

Installation Type:

  •      Natural/LP Gas Conversion

  •      New/Additional Installation

  •      New/Manufactured Home

We will need a copy of your receipt, along with the brand, model and serial numbers of the electric hot water tank.


Rebate Application

Kay Electric members have an additional incentive to choose energy efficient heat pumps and encourage members to install the most energy efficient units.  This helps reduce demand and decrease energy use during the peak summer months when prices are greater.

 (Includes manufactured homes on permanent foundation)

  • Tier 1: Traditional Air to GSHP/ New Construction GSHP

    • Up to $1,000/ton (On-site verification required)

    • Minimum Specifications- Specifications based on 2nd stage values:           

      • Closed Loop: ≥  15.9 EER & ≥ 3.3 COP- (Desuperheater not required)

      • Open Loop:  ≥  18.0 EER & ≥ 3.6 COP- (Desuperheater not required)

      • Additional $225 per unit w/ Desuperheater installed.

  • Tier 2: GSHP to GSHP:

    • Up to $375 (On-site verification required)

      • Minimum Specifications:

        • Closed Loop:  ≥ 3.0 EER Increase & ≥ 3.3 COP

        • Open Loop:  ≥ 3.0 EER Increase & ≥ 3.6 COP

Ground Source Heat Pump Application 


(Includes manufactured homes on permanent foundation)

  • Traditional Air to Air for New Construction or Retrofit

    • $150/ton (On-site verification may be required)

    • Minimum Specifications           

      • SEER ≥ 16

      • EER ≥ 13.4

      • HSPF ≥ 8.5  

      • Backup/supplemental heat can be electric, natural gas, propane, etc.

Air Source Heat Pump Application


For more information about the rebate program or to schedule an inspection, please call KEC at (580) 363-1260 or send an e-mail to

Reinsulating your attic is a great way to save money on home heating and cooling expenses. Kay Electric is now offering 50% of the cost of installing up to $500(whichever is less). Please click on the link provided below to print a copy of the rebate form.

Please complete this form with a copy of your receipt to KEC and allow up to 3 weeks processing.

Attic Insulation Rebate Form