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Kay Electric Cooperative is committed to delivering safe, reliable, competitively priced services and energy to its member-owners, while being an outstanding community partner. KEC encourages safety first in every aspect of its business operations. It’s imperative for KEC to deliver safe electricity to its members and also key to practice safety in its day-to-day operations.          

KEC’s outside personnel were recognized for their safety practices focused around no loss time accidents. “We make sure our crews are equipped with the best safety resources available and we provide them with the education they need to be successful in the field,” shared Jimmy Maupin, KEC’s director of operations. Safety has always been and will continue to be KEC’s number one concern for its employees and members. Electricity is very dangerous and can be deadly if safety procedures are not practiced nor followed. “I don’t ever want to make that drive to an employee's home or make a call to a family member and tell them that their husband or dad is not coming home today,” Maupin shared. 

KEC is one of 27 distribution cooperatives under the guidance of the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives. OAEC was created by Oklahoma electric cooperatives to perform services that would not be economical or practical for each individual cooperative to perform alone. One the services provided under OAEC’s umbrella is the safety and loss control program. This program offers support and resources to the Oklahoma cooperatives to enhance their safety procedures. “Cooperative employees that are exposed to energized lines and hazardous conditions are one decision away from not going home to their family,” stated Greg Hambrick, OAEC’s safety specialist.

KEC is proud of their employees for the safety practices. KEC is member-owned and driven and looks forward to many more years of recognizing safety at the cooperative.